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Erfinder Geschichten
Genrich Altschuller
A.Graham Bell
Carl Benz
Emil Berliner
Ferdinand Braun
Gottlieb Daimler
Rudolf Diesel
Karl Drais
Artur Fischer
Heinrich Göbel
King Camp Gillette
Johannes Gutenberg
P.Matthäus Hahn
Viktor Kaplan
Alfred Krupp
Johann Kravogl
Hedy Lamarr
Otto Lilienthal
Carl von Linde
Siegfried Marcus
Josef Madersperger
Peter Mitterhofer
Alfred Nobel
Nikolaus Otto
Joseph Ressel
Niklaus Riggenbach
W.von Siemens
Wilhelm Schmidt
Alois Senefelder
Andreas Stihl
Nikola Tesla
David Schwarz
Konrad Zuse


Who hasn't asked him or herself often enough how someone came up with an idea or invention?

How the idea came about or why and when cannot often be clearly answered, but perhaps the short biographies of some famous and forgotten inventors might help?

Here you can read how an attractive Hollywood diva still influences the use of mobile telephones today.

Enjoy the read and who knows; perhaps it will be the inspiration for one of your own inventions?

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