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9.11 - Inventor’s Day

Inventor’s Prize goes one...

We need you:
The Inventors' Day lets you live your dreams.


In schools, inventor associations, media, enterprises, universities and where ever creativity and creative people is the focal point. Take the initiative and we will report on your progress.

Media Presence:

We open the door to the media and are openly objective towards your suggestions and questions. Success stories instead of "mad inventor" stories. We supply stories for the publication or transmission from
9 November.


Set a web link or report you on your initiative on your Homepage,
in customer newspapers,
in your newsletter or community black board.
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Thank you for your support!

Anyone who either stages a small event or conference or gives reference to the Inventors' Day in a newsletter or on a homepage is a welcome partner.

www.skorpionskates.at [Andrew Constantine]
www.nibb.de [Hans Georg Torkel]
www.inno-netz.de [Dieter Burmeister]
www.idee.ch [Heinz Frei]
www.erfinderclub-berlin.de [Dipl.-Ing Peter Stepina]
www.patentportal.eu [Andreas Bertagnoll]

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