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9.11 - Inventor’s Day

Inventor’s Prize goes one...

We need you:
The Inventors' Day lets you live your dreams.


In schools, inventor associations, media, enterprises, universities and where ever creativity and creative people is the focal point. Take the initiative and we will report on your progress.

Media Presence:

We open the door to the media and are openly objective towards your suggestions and questions. Success stories instead of "mad inventor" stories. We supply stories for the publication or transmission from
9 November.


Set a web link or report you on your initiative on your Homepage,
in customer newspapers,
in your newsletter or community black board.
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Inventors Day

Why the Inventors Day!

The Inventors' Day has been bought to life to remind us of the inventors of the past and pay the necessary respect to the inventors of the present.

The Inventors' Day should make us aware that everything, every man-made object or product started life as an idea and these inventors have had a greater and more positive impact in our world than politicians or generals.

The inventors however stand for the most part alone with there ideas at the beginning. Good ideas are not immediately recognized and the more unconventional the idea the more the inventor is ridiculed.

The first loud and stinking automobiles for example were given little chance of any future success and the first computers didn't make our lives any easier, but good ideas make the breakthrough despite resistance and ridicule.


The Inventors' Day should inevitably become a permanent calendar fixture with events and a strong media presence to position inventors more centrally in our society.

The Inventors' Day should support all those who have an idea and believe that it is a good idea to make that idea a reality.

Biographies tell us that it isn't always easy and that companies are often not enthusiastic about new ideas and that's why the inventors' day and all inventors need to be professional and act as a team player entering into dialog and negotiation with the companies themselves.

No Restrictions. The necessity for adjustment to new conditions and renewal should unite patent lawyers, agents, inventor and institutions. The amendment itself should benefit all and not a single individual.

The partners of this initiative will be happy to support all aspects of the realisation of your aims and look forward to receiving your suggestions and input.

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